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Blog nr4 – Vegan or plantbased?

Is there a difference between being vegan and eating plantbased? What is the distinction between these two terms? I will explain why I chose to change the word vegan to the word plantbased on my new website. Passionately Jen – The Healthy & Fit Lifestyle Blog. Because I believe in […]

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My Vegan LifeHacks

But does going vegan mean you only eat super healthy?!? When I first went vegan, I sometimes got really sad thinking about all the delicious things I could not eat anymore. Yes, this is true. Choosing to only eat plantbased means that you are missing out on some foods. However, […]

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Go (more) plantbased!

My advice & tips on how to start with a more plantbased diet today! A few days ago, the documentary “The Game Changers” got released on Netflix. The week before the film became the best-selling documentary of all time on iTunes. I think the last year or 2 us plantbased […]