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Double Chocolate Bananabread

Chocolate lovers Raise your hands if you are a chocolate lover! Honestly, I don’t go a day without having at least a small bite of extra dark chocolate. That is why I had to create this delicious, super rich double chocolate bananabread. The combination of banana with the cacao and […]

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Overnight Oats Protein Breakfast Bowl

The best post-workout breakfast I love oats! They are very healthy, contain a lot of healthy micronutrients – those are the vitamins and minerals – as well as healthy complex carbs, lots of fiber and plantbased protein. Therefore, this breakfast is perfect after an intense bootcamp work out! This delicious […]

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Acai & Coconut Smoothie Bowl

Healthy breakfast: Acai Smoothie Bowls The Acai Berry is a deep. Purple berry originating from the Amazon in Brazil. These berries grow on the açai palm trees found in the rainforest of middle and south America. Because of its many health and wellness benefits this formerly unknown little berry has […]

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Jen’s Amazing Pancakes

Pancakes for breakfast! The best way to start your day: gluten free, dairy free and vegan fluffy banana pancakes! High in fiber, nutrients and plant based protein this delicious breakfast will keep you full for hours. My heaven on earth: Goa! Did you know that my pancakes are on the […]