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Overnight Oats Protein Breakfast Bowl

The best post-workout breakfast I love oats! They are very healthy, contain a lot of healthy micronutrients – those are the vitamins and minerals – as well as healthy complex carbs, lots of fiber and plantbased protein. Therefore, this breakfast is perfect after an intense bootcamp work out! This delicious […]


Blog nr1 – New Website & Blog

Today I officially launch my new lifestyle blog and introduce my new name: Passionately Jen! This is something I have been working on for quite some time now. I kept postponing it because I wanted to wait for the ‘perfect time’ and to only go life when my website would […]


Blog nr 0 – Jen’s Update

Today I will launch my new website & Instagram account: Passionately Jen. Wait, what? New, again?! Yes, I like to ‘reinvent’ myself, I guess. So, let me tell you how this all came to be. My last blog dates from July 2019. In that blog I gave an update about […]

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My Vegan LifeHacks

But does going vegan mean you only eat super healthy?!? When I first went vegan, I sometimes got really sad thinking about all the delicious things I could not eat anymore. Yes, this is true. Choosing to only eat plantbased means that you are missing out on some foods. However, […]


My Passion for Patisserie

As long as I can remember have I been in love with baking. In 2010 I even got my Pastry Chef certificate from the Culinary Center Beverwijk.  There are so many foto’s and stories to share and I am very excited to show you all my beautiful and – most […]


Travel Junkie Wandering the World

I have always loved to travel and I have had the privilege to visit many countries already. During my childhood we went to the south of France and Italy for summer vacations. Switzerland for amazing ski trips. And many more countries all over Europe. When I was at University I […]

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Acai & Coconut Smoothie Bowl

Healthy breakfast: Acai Smoothie Bowls The Acai Berry is a deep. Purple berry originating from the Amazon in Brazil. These berries grow on the açai palm trees found in the rainforest of middle and south America. Because of its many health and wellness benefits this formerly unknown little berry has […]