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Plant protein waffles

Especially after a workout it is important to fuel your body and provide it with some extra protein. These waffles are not only super delicious but is also a great source of extra plant powered protein. Double win! Most waffle recipes include a lot of oil and maple syrup, which […]

Breakfast Foods, Recipes

Overnight Oats Protein Breakfast Bowl

The best post-workout breakfast I love oats! They are very healthy, contain a lot of healthy micronutrients – those are the vitamins and minerals – as well as healthy complex carbs, lots of fiber and plantbased protein. Therefore, this breakfast is perfect after an intense bootcamp work out! This delicious […]

Breakfast Foods, Recipes

Superfood Granola

Why homemade granola is so much better There is nothing better than making your own granola. It is super easy to make, you can choose only your favorite ingredients and (best thing!) you can control what goes in your granola. No more hidden sugars, high fructose corn syrup, palm oil […]